Our Values

At Gyan Academy, the students are nurtured to understand the “Philosophy of Values” and start inculcating into his life. Students adapt these values and start practicing at home, school, coaching center and society.

There are many values, for students following are key values:
  • 1. Respect - At Gyan Academy students are explained the significance of the respect in life. By understanding the scientific basis, students themselves starting respecting teachers, parents, family members and society in deeper manner with feeling.
  • 2. Visualization - Visualization is key features of the mind, which helps in manifestation of results in life. By practicing visualization, students perform good in academics, understanding the various subjects’ concepts and scores excellent in examination.
  • 3. Prayer - Prayer is very strong method by which student achieve good physical and mental health during student life as well as during professional life. Gyan Academy shares various method of prayer with students.
  • 4. Contribution - Students are encouraged to contribute in family, by helping mother, father, brother, sister, school and in bigger manner for society.


  • Highly qualified and experienced faculties
  • Individual attention to every student
  • Best teaching methodology
  • Involves parents in the whole teaching-learning process

Gyan Academy aims to achieve and endorse excellence in every area of its teaching maintaining and developing its position as a quality institution to enrich the national and regional communities through the results of its students.

Our Vision

To provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community and help students meet economic, social, and environmental challenges to become active participants in shaping the world of the future.
To help students achieve amazing results by making the best use of their potential.

Our Mission

  • To create ethical and intellectual students through qualitative education
  • To mentor students by providing them with knowledge, assistance and support to upgrade their skills at their own individual pace and capacity.

Our Facilities

  • Regular Test Assignments
  • Doubt Removal Sessions
  • Limited Students Batch & Flexible Timings
  • Meeting with parents
  • Progress Chart of the Candidate